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Message from the President

Meet Your Candidates!  The annual elections will be held in December.  This year the positions of President, Vice-President, Executive Director and Sergeant at Arms are up for election.  We have a healthy election process to look forward to as all of the positions have 2 or more candidates vying for your vote.  In order for you to get a chance to meet the candidates, the November 10, 2015 GOAL membership meeting will focus on “Meet Your Candidates!”  Each nominated individual will be allowed 3-5 minutes to address the membership and then we will open up the forum to questions from the audience/ membership.  This is a great way to meet those running for office and gather information to help you make the most informed decision possible for the election.  The meeting will be held at 1830 hours at the Stonewall Bar, 53 Christopher Street, 2nd Floor. 

IT’S OFFICIAL!  The North/West Corner of Washington Place and 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village is also known as Sergeant Charles H. Cochrane Way!  In 1981, Charlie testified at a City Council hearing in support of a gay rights bill and became the first openly gay member of the NYPD.  His testimony came after a representative for the PBA had testified there were no gay people in the NYPD and that gay people were not fit to be law enforcement officers.  Charlie’s testimony and courage forever changed the law enforcement world.  He then founded the Gay Officers Action League in NYC.  Other GOAL’s and other LGBT Law Enforcement Organizations formed throughout the country and then the world.  I will notify everyone with sufficient time as soon as the street unveiling ceremony is scheduled. 


Carl Locke

Gay Officers Action League PO Box 1774, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10113,   212-NY1-GOAL,

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