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About Us

The Gay Officers Action League (GOAL), is a first-of-its-kind organization that was formed in 1982 to address the needs, issues, and concerns of gay and lesbian law enforcement personnel and has since expanded to a nonprofit tax-exempt civil rights organization. GOAL was founded by Charles Henry "Charlie" Cochrane, Jr. (August 5, 1943–May 5, 2008) a sergeant of the New York City Police Department, who after delivering a public testimony on anti-gay discrimination legislation pending before the New York City Council, became the first openly gay officer of the NYPD. Since its founding as a fraternal organization, GOAL has advocated for the rights of its members and has assisted them on matters of discrimination, harassment, and disparate treatment in the workplace. GOAL furthers its mission by providing training at the NY Police Academy and Jersey City Police Department, among others.


Our organization provides an arena for members to discuss their needs and concerns in a comfortable atmosphere without fear of job-related reprisals. We provide a safe environment for a group of people who have been and continue to be, victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We also serve as a bridge between the law enforcement community and The LGBTQ Community at large.


We are the first organization of its type in the world whose objectives are to promote the establishment of other chapters, throughout the United States and around the world. By striving for a high level of diversity and the inclusion of all people within the organization, we stimulate intellectual growth and self-awareness of our members. In doing so we aim to motivate our members to achieve a higher degree of efficiency in the discharge of their duties as law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.


While the Gay Officers Action League is a positive force within the LGBTQ community, it is also instrumental in attempting to change homophobic attitudes in the workplace and in the community at large.

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