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World AIDS Day 2016

This Thursday, December 1st advocates and members of the HIV/AIDS communities will come together to remember those we've lost to AIDS, to honor the lives of those living with HIV, and to hold the vision for an end to the AIDS epidemic.

Community leaders, activists, and elected officials will gather for a World AIDS Day program and formal dedication ceremony of New York City AIDS Memorial Park at St. Vincent’s Triangle located at Greenwich Avenue and 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

The NYPD has given permission for active uniformed members of the service to wear full dress uniform to this ceremony and civilian members are encouraged to wear business attire. All members who are interested will attend on their own time. GOAL members will meet at 10:30 AM at the corner of 7th Aven

ue and West 12th Street for formation and the service will begin at 11:00 AM.

If you are interested in joining us this Thursday or if you have any questions in regards, please contact William Shepard at (631) 678-8202 or


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