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Great job to E-Board Member Rick Miller!!

On January 29, three Guardsmen assigned to the Joint Task Force Asylum Seeker detail in Long Island City witnessed a male subject pouring gasoline onto Front-line Collision in an attempt to burn down the business amid an ongoing dispute. Specialist Jaslin Guzman and Sergeant Animesh Das confronted the subject as he ignited the fire and briefly followed him as he fled the scene to obtain his license plate information. The third Guardsman, Staff Sergeant Richard Miller, reacted quickly and grabbed a fire extinguisher, extinguishing the flames.

FDNY Fire Marshals successfully identified the suspect as Ping Huang using the provided license plate information and video footage. Footage showed Huang driving around the block to a gas station, where he fills a container with gasoline. Later, he is seen driving back to the subject premises, pouring gasoline in multiple locations throughout the alley, setting a fire, and fleeing the scene in his vehicle.

Huang was apprehended by Fire Marshals on February 6th and he will be prosecuted by the Queens District Attorney's office.


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