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GOAL NY 35th Anniversary Message

Dear members and friends, Thirty-five years ago today, the Gay Officers Action League was incorporated in the State of New York. GOAL was the first organization of its kind in the nation and the world: an organization dedicated to those in law enforcement who identified as LGBTQ and who wanted to create a community that advocated acceptance and equality. Over the past 35 years, our members have sacrificed to advance GOAL's mission, and our efforts helped change the criminal justice community from within. By no means was institutional change in such a community an easy task, but GOAL's members fought the good fight, and we proudly continue that tradition. The hardships and tears our members have experienced along the way have always been made easier and less bitter thanks to the true spirit of fraternalism that GOAL fosters. On our anniversary, let us think of those who put themselves on the chopping block, who were "out and proud" when it was not easy while mindful for many it is still not easy. Let us dedicate ourselves to them and their spirit, their strife and their sacrifices, and continue to carry their high standard forward. Let us renew our passion and stay focused on our mission. Let us care for one another, let us continue to educate others and may we continue to work to build a bridge between our profession and our community. Thank you all for your service, thank you for being who you are! Happy Birthday GOAL! 35 looks good on you! Fraternally, Brian E. Downey President 

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