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Protect & Defend 2018 Police Week Hotel & Social Mixer

PROTECT & DEFEND 2018 POLICE WEEK HOTEL & SOCIAL MIXER May 11-May 14 In support of our membership and extended family at Police Week, Protect & Defend has negotiated room rates and a location for a social mixer. $189 single occupancy and $209 double occupancy rooms. Also included in the room is free wifi, newspaper, gym, business center access and discounts at the restaurant on property. Get your room booked today and tell them you are with PROTECT AND DEFEND. BEACON HOTEL RESERVATIONS MUST BE CALLED IN. (202) 296-2100 Protect and Defend will be hosting its annual social mixer on Saturday May 12, 2018, which will include complimentary drinks and appetizers. Contact Rich R. for your mixer reservations at 805-236-2540. Anyone who would like to share rooms at the location, let us know as we are helping ease the costs for everyone at Police Week! 

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