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Another Hero Taken From Us Too Soon

On Friday, we knew we lost one of us, while the other fought for his life. Unfortunately, Police Officer Wilbert Mora, just 27-years-old, has also passed, and we’re left to confront the harsh truth that two of ours, who lived to serve, are gone.

We lost them too soon. We lost them to a plague of senseless violence and illegal guns that make their way too freely into our City. And so GOAL will do what GOAL always has done when a challenge confronts our membership - we’ll rise to join those working to calm our City and keep guns from our streets. That is our commitment to you.

GOAL extends its condolences and support to the 32nd Precinct, to Manhattan North, and, most importantly, to the families of our two fallen officers.

For now, we mourn their loss and vow to never forget Wilbert and Jason.

As always, should anyone require assistance, we are here to provide support. Do not hesitate to contact me, GOAL leadership, or your peers.

These times are not easy, but we get through them together.

Please continue to look after one another.


Brian E. Downey



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