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Today’s Remarks from GOAL NY President in Response to Recent Appointments of Anti-LGBTQ Individuals

There is no place that I’d rather be today than standing up with you, but the doctors have other plans for me, as doctors often do.

The fact that we need a rally in this City — in 2022 — only underscores the point made far too often that queer people are still not at home no matter where we are.

In my heart, I want our Mayor to succeed. In my heart, I want our city to succeed. I feel the need to point that out.

I never thought I would have to ask this question, and especially of this Mayor who I have known to risk his life to bring about change for communities….

Mr. Mayor, can we call this City our home? Can we rely on your administration to protect us??

I believe in forgiveness and I believe in compassion and I believe there can be a way back for almost anyone. And I’m sure that there is a way back for these individuals, but the way back isn’t through government and most certainly not in our city.

And we are not just talking about marriage equality. We’re talking about giving a voice to people who believe we are less than others; who stood with people who wanted the state to sanction killing us; who believe that we are, by being us, immoral and unredeemable.

There is no place in my City’s government for that.

We can talk about reconciliation tomorrow; today, we, The Gay Officers Action League call upon you to immediately rescind these appointments.

Our city is watching, our nation is watching and indeed queer people and those with hate in their hearts around the world, are watching.

Withdraw and Rescind NOW Mr. Mayor!


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