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Statement on the Murder of NYPD Police Officer Jonathan Diller

Tonight, our hearts break and our prayers ascend for Police Officer Jonathan E. Diller. We mourn for and with his wife, his child, his family, his colleagues and for all those who loved and knew him. Through our mourning, we are forced once again to meet at the crossroads of sadness, anger, and frustration. Another hero has been taken from us, his family robbed of their son, husband and father.


In these times, we are first and foremost family for one another. If anyone needs assistance or finds themselves having trouble processing this tragedy, GOAL is here to listen and to help. Reach out to me or any of us.


Our commitment to Jonathan and to his memory must be to continue his watch. We must work diligently to commit ourselves to ensuring that our neighborhoods are not overrun by those who denigrate our community; rather, that we remain havens for those who want to walk and live peacefully, hand in hand.


As always, be each other’s keeper and stay safe.




Brian E. Downey



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